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The right pair of leggings keep you cool and dry, give you the support and features you're looking for, look great and feel even better. Finding the perfect fit is key – after all, no one wants to deal with leggings that slip during a workout. With the help of Akesha Smith, Adidas London flagship store expert and high-performance athlete, and Kim Buerger, Adidas Senior Product Manager, here is a comprehensive guide to help you find your best leggings.



High Waist leggings vs. Mid Waist leggings

High waisted or mid waisted leggings give you excellent support and coverage. They move with you as you work out. Thanks to a secure fit around the waist they stay in place no matter the intensity of your workout. When paired with a sports bra, a statement pair of high waisted leggings also provide coverage and a sense of security.


Our high waist hair resistant leggings are spectacular. Personally, I never take them off. I choose them especially when I know that I am going to move a lot or do awkward positions because they give me a little more security and confidence.



Leggings length should depend on your preferences and training conditions. Cold weather often calls for more coverage while shorter styles are ideal for warmer climates or those who prefer less material on their skin. Having a selection of leggings in various sizes gives you greater versatility for different activities and workout environments.


Full-length leggings

Best for working out in cold weather or for those looking for more coverage "When I run in the winter, Akesha explains, “I definitely go for full-length leggings because it ensures my ankles aren't exposed to the cold."



Best for those who find full-length leggings too long or prefer a slightly shorter design. "The point of having different lengths of leggings is not only to keep you cooler or warmer but also to fit the height of the person wearing them," says Akesha. "Our leggings fit everyone, whether they're tall, short or average height."


Leggings ¾

Best for those who want a little less coverage but find capri hair resistant leggings and cycling shorts too short.


Capri leggings

Best for those looking for a length just below the knee and maximum freedom of movement.

Cycling shorts

Best for warm weather workouts in comfort. Some cycling shorts have special compression zones for added support.


Short leggings

Best for people looking for less coverage.



Each pair of leggings has technologies and features to suit different activities so it's very important to consider your exercise routine before choosing which ones to buy. Whether you're going for a run, practicing yoga or participating in a high-intensity HIIT session,

each type of hair resistant leggings offers specific benefits to support you during your workout.

For example, a pair of leggings for running might feature sweat-absorbent technology while yoga leggings design feature softness and comfort.



Leggings have features to enhance your training session and give you additional comfort depending on conditions and the type of training. Key features to consider include:



Some leggings are designed with discreet pockets along the waistband or legs to keep your small valuables safe and close at hand. "I like that all my leggings have pockets,". "Mainly because I like to grab a bite to eat when I'm running, so if I have a pocket, I usually keep a cookie or energy bar in there."


Waist with drawstring

Leggings with adjustable drawstring waist can be tied at the waist for added security. This is particularly good for runners as the added support keeps the leggings in place as they rack up the miles.Drawstrings are used in our most supportive leggings because they are designed for maximum stability. It's one of my favorite features when running because the last thing I want to think about is my leggings slipping off during a sprint. I've had this happen and

now I never run without drawstring leggings.


Reflective details

Glow-in-the-dark or light-reflecting details are good for training in the early morning, late afternoon or at night when visibility conditions are poor.


The seams

Exposed-seam leggings offer a flattering, contoured silhouette with interlock fabric that provides extra support to your muscles. Seamless leggings move with your body and provide a lightweight "second-skin" feel.


Mesh panels

The perfect combination of style and breathability. Mesh panels look good on your legs. That's what people notice first, but there are other benefits. Mesh panels also promote ventilation in high-perspiration areas to keep the body cool throughout the workout.


A "second skin" feeling

Some leggings offer a supportive feel, with a snug fit that increases blood flow to your legs and improves circulation. The extra oxygen flow increases performance and helps muscles recover which can reduce post-workout soreness.



Choosing a pair of leggings made from lightweight, breathable fabrics will make all the difference during high-intensity workouts. Absorbent materials and technologies like AERO READY are designed to wipe away moisture and keep you cool and dry while you're on the move.


I recommend HALARA BRAND especially for people who train in hot climates. Every aspect of the technology is designed for breathability and freshness. Our HALARA athleisure wear is also great during the colder months. It provides great thermal insulation with an extra layer but still manages to keep sweat away from your body.


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